Knack's Quest is a tile-matching puzzle mobile game developed by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for iOS on November 6, 2013. A version of the game is planned for future release on Android devices, although an exact date is unknown.


The goal of the game is to match least three or more of the same type of "parts" within a given timeframe, similarly to games such as Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga. Collecting enough of these parts will cause Knack to grow larger, progressing the player to further stages. During the course of each match, it is possible to gain "Super Moves," which will grant the player special abilities to help clear the stage.

  • Chapter Select

In Chapter Select, the player will progress through 6 chapters based on different levels from the game, each containing 3 stages for a total of 18.

  • Endless Mode

Unlocked after completing all 6 main chapters, Endless Mode, allows the player to progress through each stage just as they would in Chapter Select, but without an end.

Connectivity with KnackEdit

Collecting points in the game unlocks special relics. Linking the game with ones' PlayStation Network account unlocks the relics for use in the PlayStation 4 game Knack (video game).